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  • About Us ... AKOYA ?

    AKOYA Management is Unique Company & Production, based on consultancy services.

    For Business

    "Business to Entertainment"

    We mean that business is our entertainment and that we enjoy it.

    For Entertainment

    "Entertainment to Business"

    We mean that entertainment is our business and that we enjoy it, too.


    Company Data

    ・Company : AKOYA MANAGEMENT Co., Ltd.

    ・Established : August 24, 2009

    ・Collaboration Firm : SPRODUCERS (July,2000~)

    ・Description of Business : Various Produce for Business & Entertainment, esp. Strategy and Sound(Music & Film)

     Branding,Consulting of Corporate Management, Business,
     and Total Marketing, Producing of Business Development,
     Product Development, Store Development and Content Development,
     Support of Various Types of Planning, etc.

    ・Global Head Office : Tokyo ( Branch: Osaka, HongKong, Shanghai, Taiwan, New York )

    ・Contact : info@akoyama.com

    ・Tel : 0364266801


    Consultants & Producers ...


    ・Representative Partner : KOYAMA, Junshi

    ・Strategic Partner : KAWAGUCHI, Nobuhide

    ・Design Partner : MURATA, Minoru


    ・IT & Management : ITO, Shuichi

    ・Financial Planning : YAMASHITA, Toshiya

    ・Digital Marketing : GOTO "Kazu"

    ・Business Dvelopment : NAKAMURA, Haru

    ・SE & Development : SAKURAI, Atsushi

    ・Business Operations:ONDA, Takayuki



    Media,System, Architect, Art, AD, Legal, Accountant,

    Patent Attorney, Agency, Composer, Lyric Writer, and

    Arranger, etc.


    Various partner belongs to us.

  • The balance of the right brain and left brain

    Business skill and creative skill, as a professional beyond the general level.

  • Our Services


    We are a group of producers providing support in many business and entertainment areas, especially the six areas that start with "S" in SPRODUCERS.

    "S" is Strategy, Sound, Space, Store, Service, System, and Software-design...etc.

    We go beyond consulting services and provide total "business & entertainment producing" to enable our clients to reach their project goals and experience success.



    Consultancy Service, Strategy planning, Business development, Branding,

    Marketing, CS Consulting and Producing


    Management practice of a copyright, a publication right, service mark right, right of registered design, and Sound Produce


    Management by which musicians, artists and producers, consultants, like a Business & Entertainment Prodction

  • FAQ

    We let the results speak for themselves.

    What is a business purpose of AKOYA?


    Management and Marketing consulting for All business & entertainment.

    As a Business Producer, Entertainment Producer(Music, Film, etc.)


    Writing the words, composition and arrangement are all kinds' music offer, source production and sound production.


    The management by which musicians, artists and actors, and producers, consultants, business men & women, etc. and education and training.

    Management of the portrait, the title and the service mark right by which musicians, artists and stars are artists and actors, etc. and sale


    Planning by which concerts in the country and foreign countries and lectures are workshops and events, etc. Production and operation

    Production of a program, a picture and a home page about music and art, etc.

    Book about music and art, etc. and publication of a magazine and news

    The planning, the production and the sale by which audio and a video software are an original recording


    Development of use of a musical work

    Sale of all kinds' performance ticket


    Advertising agency trade and advertisement design production

    Management practice of a copyright, a publication right, service mark right and right of registered design

    The buying and selling and the management by which paintings and works are antique items and jewel precious metal, etc.

    The management, the possession, the buying and selling and the agency which are a security for a fixed property, personalty, a stock and a debenture

    Asset management consultant

    How can I consult?

    Anytime, anywhere,,,everything you can touch on me.

    At first, please contact to us >>> sproducers@me.com